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The Tony Elia Fund

Raising funds for The Brain Tumour Charity in memory of Tony.


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Tony’s story

My husband Tony was just 37 when he passed away on 20th November 2009.

The first signs of any problems started in September 2009 when he started suffering from severe migraines. An MRI scan on 2nd October revealed that he had a tumour, and a biopsy on 23rd October showed that it was a Grade 4 GBM (Glioblastoma Multiforme).

He had debulking surgery on 6th November; however, he suffered a massive stroke and brain pressure and, after 14 days in the High Dependency and Critical Care Unit in Charing Cross Hospital in London he passed away.

“Tony’s untimely passing has left a massive void, not least in mine and Luca’s lives, but in the lives of everyone who knew him. We all miss him terribly. We have set up the Fund in Tony’s memory in the hope that treatments can be developed to cure brain tumours so that other families don’t have to endure the pain of losing a loved one to this dreadful disease”

He died just five months after we got married in the beautiful countryside of Tuscany. I was 14 weeks pregnant when he died and the lovely Luca Tony arrived on 29th April 2010.

Prior to the migraines, Tony was a very fit and healthy guy with an amazing zest for life. Born in Iran, Tony and his family moved to Sydney when he was a teenager, which is where we met in 1998, and then later moving to London in 2002 where he worked in various companies as an IT Performance Test Analyst. Tony always had a new hobby on the go, and over the years he tried mountain biking, motorbikes, scuba diving, sailing, snowboarding, fishing, golf, photography, property renovation and even baking. Each hobby was approached with the utmost enthusiasm.

After Tony passed away I received many cards and emails from his family, friends, colleagues and neighbours, and two character attributes which were mentioned over and over again were that he was so passionate about life and everything he turned his hand to, and also that he had a wicked sense of humour. He had an uncanny ability to find a way to wind everybody up.