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Better understand your chemotherapy treatment with BRIAN

See how many cycles of chemotherapy other people have experienced.

Whether you’re starting chemotherapy for the first time, are in the middle of treatment or have been told that you no longer need chemotherapy, it’s completely normal to wonder whether what you’re experiencing is normal.

The Chemotherapy Cycles insight in BRIAN empowers you to compare your treatment with 10 years’ of treatment data provided by Public Health England. 

You can even filter the data by tumour type and grade, year, Clinical Comissioning Group and the age and sex of the personr receiving treatment. This means you’re able to explore the treatments received by other people with a similar diagnosis to yours.

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Learn more about BRIAN’s Chemotherapy Cycles insight and how it can help you better understand your treatment.

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What is BRIAN?

BRIAN is our online app which has been developed by The Brain Tumour Charity to help people cope with a brain tumour. BRIAN will help you – and those supporting you – to understand how you are doing and to make better-informed decisions.

BRIAN has been designed for all kinds of people, whether you are living with a brain tumour, caring for someone who is, or you work in healthcare or research.

How else can BRIAN help me?

BRIAN allows you to record your entire brain tumour experience in one place – you can add symptoms, treatments, side effects, appointments and much more. You can also share your data with anyone you trust – such as family, carers and your healthcare team – enabling them to better understand your situation.

Recently diagnosed? Having treatment? Lost someone?
BRIAN’s tools, like the Benefits Checker and Clinical Trials Finder, offer information that may be difficult to find.         

BRIAN’s insights provide information about others on the same journey.
BRIAN can help you keep track  of treatments, appointments, medications, side effects and wellbeing.                                         

This information can be quickly and easily shared with healthcare professionals.
You can contribute valuable historical information to BRIAN’s database, by sharing details of treatments and quality of life.

Questionnaires in BRIAN provide researchers with even more information.
For healthcare professionals
For researchers
You can share your BRIAN information with healthcare professionals, carers or family members.                                

The visualisations in BRIAN help to convey how things have been since the last appointment.
BRIAN supports researchers by granting them access to anonymised user-entered patient outcome and quality of life data.

BRIAN will provide cost-free access to data sets from national healthcare organisations.

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BRIAN features

Here are just some of the features you’ll find in BRIAN.


See events, treatment & care entries and much more.

Quality of life

Track quality of life, including symptoms and emotions.


See insights derived from national data sets and user input.


Complete challenges on a daily basis to keep your brain active.

Treatment and care

Keep track of treatments, appointments and medications.


Track side-effects felt from medication or treatments.


Help researchers and The Charity by completing questionnaires.

Tumour log

Record information about tumour(s) and how they change.

Clinical trials

Find clinical trials and track trial involvement.


Keep track of benefits and assistance received.

Invite users

Invite healthcare professionals or others to access your data.

Training videos

Watch training videos if you need help with using BRIAN's features.

How sharing your experience helps

We have obtained ten years of brain tumour data from NHS Digital and Public Health England and have used that to build insights for you into things like treatments offered, paths to first treatment and tumour incidence per region. 

We’ve also built a daily check-in feature, which allows you to record how you’re doing, emotionally, physically and cognitively on a day-to-day basis. We combine these daily snapshots to give you and people supporting you a broader perspective on how you are.

By recording and allowing access to your anonymised data, researchers will better understand people’s quality of life when living with a brain tumour diagnosis. They can also use the collective experiences of patients to drive forward research into brain tumours and accelerate progress towards a cure.

Download our BRIAN app on the App Store    Download our BRIAN app on Google Play

Click here to visit the BRIAN website

Get in touch

Please bear in mind that BRIAN is a work in progress and as with any new and pioneering product, we will be working hard to improve and enhance it as we move forward.

You can sign up to BRIAN and start using it to track your brain tumour journey no matter where you live in the UK or the rest of the world. However, the background data that currently drives all the insights within BRIAN comes only from patients based in England.

Regardless of where you’re living, we know signing up and entering your data will help to improve our understanding of brain tumours and advance us faster towards a cure.

We’d love your feedback on anything you think that we could do better, so we can make BRIAN as great as possible. Get in touch using the contact form in BRIAN.