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My Support Plan

My Support Plan is a tool in our BRIAN app which can help you identify your needs and find actions that you can take to get support. Read on to find out how to use this tool.

What is My Support Plan?

How do I use My Support Plan?

Frequently asked questions

What is My Support Plan?

My Support Plan can help you to identify the needs you have in different areas, find actions to take to support you and work together with your medical team to create a plan that’s right for you.

My Support Plan is a new tool that was created by The Brain Tumour Charity within the BRIAN app.

The results of our Improving Brain Tumour Care Surveys revealed that 70% people don’t have a needs assessment and resulting support plan which is working well.

We are addressing this gap by creating a support tool for healthcare professionals and brain tumour patients and families to use together

The tool is currently in a pilot to understand the impact that it has and to allow for improvements to be made.

How do I use My Support Plan?

Below we’ve given step-by-step instructions on downloading BRIAN and completing My Support Plan. There are also videos for each step. If you have any questions please get in touch with mysupportplan@thebraintumourcharity.org.

1. Download and sign up to BRIAN

Download and sign up to the BRIAN app. You can do this on your own mobile phone or onto another person’s, as long as they’ll be in your appointments with you. Please note that signing up to BRIAN will include inputting medical information. If you are using someone else’s phone, please make sure you feel comfortable with this.

2. Complete your support plan

Open BRIAN and navigate to the ‘My Support Plan’ feature.

You can get to this by clicking this link.

You can also find it by going to:

Home > Get support and information > Create your support plan

From here, follow the instructions in the app.

3. Share your plan with others

You can then choose to share your plan with other people, such as your Clinical Nurse Specialist, family members or other healthcare professionals. If you have an upcoming appointment with a Clinical Nurse Specialist, we’d encourage you to do this so that you can discuss your support plan together.

To share your plan you need to:

  1. Click the share icon in the top right corner of the screen
  2. Tap on ‘open account sharing’
  3. Click the plus icon
  4. Add in the details of the person you would like to share your plan with
  5. Change Support plan from ‘None’ to ‘View’
  6. Click ‘Send’

4. Bring your support plan to your appointment

Make sure you can access the phone with your support plan at your appointment. You can discuss your responses and the actions you’ve chosen to take with your Clinical Nurse Specialist or another healthcare professional.

Complete the survey

As My Support Plan is a new tool which we are currently trialling, it’s important for us to hear how useful you found it. After your appointment, please complete the survey to feedback on this experience, so that it can help others.

Frequently asked questions

If you have any questions about using My Support Plan then contact mysupportplan@thebraintumourcharity.org.

If you are looking for more support and information around your, or your loved one’s, brain tumour diagnosis then please contact our Support team on 0808 800 0004 (Monday – Friday, 9am – 5pm) or email support@thebraintumourcharity.org

BRIAN is an app created by The Brain Tumour Charity to allow you to record your entire brain tumour experience in one place – you can add symptoms, treatments, side effects, appointments and much more. You can also share your data with anyone you trust – such as family, carers and your healthcare team – enabling them to better understand your situation.

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