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Class activities and other practical resources to help with maintaining friendships and supporting children who are affected by a brain tumour.

Education support strategies

Possible side-effects of brain tumours and their treatment (body map) - PDF

Use this visual resource to find out about the wide-ranging possible side-effects of brain tumours and their treatment. You can also print off the body map and highlight those relevant to the young person.

Educational support strategy – full strategy (individual form) - DOCX

Download and fill in this blank form to create the individual strategy for the young person and keep with their school/college records.

Educational support strategy – full strategy (example form) - PDF

This gives examples of the areas of school/college life to be considered, areas that the young person may need support in, and examples of possible strategies. Use it when planning the young person's support strategy.

Educational support strategy – quick reference (individual) - DOCX

A quick reference version of the young person's Educational support strategy which provides at-a-glance information. It can be kept in the teacher's desk/notebook and/or the staff room, or given to supply teachers where appropriate.

Educational support strategy – quick reference (example) - PDF

Use this as an example to help create the quick reference version of the educational support strategy for the young person.

Information card – I have, or had, a brain tumour - DOCX

This card is for the young person to fill in (or fill in with their parents), giving useful information about themselves and their needs outside of the education setting. It can be kept by the young person or the teacher.

Supporting you

Our Children & Families team offers support to children, young people and families affected by a brain tumour diagnosis. We're here to help with any information you might need, answer your questions, listen and provide support.

Jake explains brain tumours

Meet Jake! In this video he helps children to understand their brain tumour diagnosis in a comforting and reassuring way.

If you have further questions, need to clarify any of the information on this page, or want to find out more about research and clinical trials, please contact our team:

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