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Author: Sabeha Syed

As Senior Content Editor at The Brain Tumour Charity, I plan and write communications in various different formats. I work with people affected by brain tumours to share their stories, raise awareness of The Charity’s activities and the research we fund, and keep the community informed on what’s happening and how they can get involved.
  • Illustration of despondent looking man in red shirt being consoled by a woman in a purple shirt.

    Coping with change and uncertainty

    Not knowing what the future may hold, or losing some control of day-to-day life, can make us feel insecure, leading to anxiety and worry. Here we share tips on ways to cope with change and uncertainty.

  • Money-saving tips for Christmas

    Members of our community, including our benefits and money adviser from Citizens Advice, share some money-saving tips to help you keep within your budget over the holidays.

  • Looking after yourself at Christmas

    The festive season can be an exciting time of year but it’s important to make sure you pace yourself, and get the support you need for you and your loved ones. Here are some tips from our community for looking after yourself over the festive period.