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Support for our BRIAN online app increases

Our High Profile Supporters throw their weight behind the development of BRIAN.

BRIAN is our free, online app which we have developed to help people cope with the reality of a brain tumour. BRIAN will help you – and those supporting you – understand how you are doing and to make better-informed decisions.

Comedian Hal Cruttenden and presenter Nicki Chapman, have thrown their support behind BRIAN, championing its aim to accelerate treatment options and improve quality of life for everyone affected.

Both are High Profile Supporters of ours. Since Hal lost his mum to a brain tumour several years ago, he has been key to many of our awareness campaigns, comedy events and ongoing social media support.

Nicki was diagnosed in May and underwent successful surgery. She will be at the forefront of our work during 2020 and her story will feature in the next issue of The Grey Matters.

Nicki said: ”I am proud to support BRIAN and the work being undertaken by The Brain Tumour Charity to make this online app a game-changer.

“The Charity is at the forefront when it comes to driving improvements in treatment and quality of life for everyone affected and BRIAN is a fundamental part of this.”

BRIAN allows you to track your (or a loved one’s) brain tumour journey in one place, from symptoms and side-effects to appointments and more.

You can also search for clinical trials, track and explore your benefit options and search out national insights about brain tumours gathered from the app’s data.

Hal said: “The work that The Brain Tumour Charity do is so important and so inspiring.

“Having worked alongside them for several years, I know that their full range of resources is behind BRIAN, bringing pioneering change for everyone who is faced with this devastating disease.

“The app is intuitive, easy to navigate and use and quickly builds into an invaluable tool to help you.”

BRIAN can become a journal of a person’s physical, cognitive and emotional well-being.

BRIAN also helps The Charity realise our two main goals: doubling survival and halving the harm brain tumours have on quality of life.

BRIAN uses patient-entered data as well as ten years of data from NHS Digital and Public Health England to drive brain tumour research programmes globally and to accelerate the search for a cure. 

By signing up to BRIAN, patients can not only manage their own situation but can also help others affected.

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