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Remembering Tom

On the anniversary of Tom Parker passing from his brain tumour we stand united with the whole community in paying tribute

Tom Parker from The Wanted sitting on a sofa, pictured to remember him on the anniversary of his death

We remember Tom Parker today and the incredible legacy he has left behind

On the anniversary of losing Tom, we hold dear his inspiration to so many others going through similar diagnosis and beyond that, to the thousands of fans around the world, who saw in him such a talent and compassionate heart in the face of such a devastating situation.

His talent was such a huge part of the band, a bond that shone through in their music, their live performances and their impact they all had together.

He will be so fondly remembered for raising his voice to drive awareness of the disease, his constant call for further funds and innovation in research and for his very personal of support for others.

We continue to be inundated with messages of love for him and for the band, many sharing personal stories of seeing him perform live and of the unique connection he had with The Wanted fans.
Through the band’s music he remains so important to so many and through his support for the work we do as a charity, for Brain Tumour Research and other organisations working towards a cure, a beacon of hope. The impact he had on so many and the joy and affection that surrounded him, shines on.

Our thoughts and prayers continue to be with Tom’s wife Kelsey, their two children, family, friends and the band at this time, as well as with fans of The Wanted worldwide.

We know today will be extremely difficult for so many. Please know we are here for you.

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