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Third Sector praise The Brain Tumour Charity

The charity industry’s leading organisation lists The Brain Tumour Charity as one of the best to work for .

The release yesterday of their Best Charities to Work For 2020 survey, placed us in the top 15.

The anonymous survey, carried out in January this year, asked staff members to rate a whole range of questions, ranging from our working environment, the support offered, and the direct impact each team member felt their work did for our community.

The survey also revealed that 97% of those asked said that they were “proud to work for this organisation”.

Of all the charities that made the list, we are the only one in the top 15 with over 100 team members.

Third Sector said: “Our study suggests that it tends to be easier to create a happy work culture if you’re a small or medium-sized organisation. Only one of the 15 organisations that make the inaugural list employs more than 100 employees, with the majority employing fewer than 50 people.”

Anonymous responses to the survey included:

“The overarching strategy and goals of the charity are threaded into everything we do – so you always feel you are contributing to something bigger.”

There is a real strong sense of community and purpose. Passion is one of our core values – and it means everyone here is so dedicated.”

“People throughout the organisation are caring, fun and motivated. The Charity is very focused on wellbeing, more so than anywhere else I have worked.”

Jack Morris, Chair of Trustees, said: ‘When I became Chair of The Charity two years ago, I was instantly struck by the passionate, upbeat and positive culture amongst our staff.

“This is particularly commendable given the very challenging and emotional issues they are dealing with on a daily basis, on behalf of the community we serve.

“So the Trustees and I are absolutely delighted to see the Charity being recognised in this way as a special place to work and it is of course a wonderful tribute to our Senior Leadership Team and every one of our Staff.’

Ultimately, everything that every single one of us does at The Charity is driven by our passion to support and drive change for everyone affected by a brain tumour diagnosis. For every one of you.