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Becoming “Brainbabe”! Sophie’s Story

Since her diagnosis, Sophie and friends have done some incredible fundraising. Learn about how she became Brainbabe!

Sophie, known as Brainbabe, stands with her arms outstretched

From a brain tumour diagnosis to becoming a fantastic fundraiser called Brainbabe in a year, Sophie’s story is quite incredible.

Sophie, 29, based across London and Nottingham, was diagnosed with a brainstem glioma this year. The first signs that something could be wrong was when she started having problems with mobility on her left side, and also started to slur her speech. 

Learning that she had a brain tumour at such a young age came as a huge shock.  Understandably, she didn’t know a great deal about the condition, and neither did those around her.

“I knew brain tumours were rarely found in people of my demographic, so it was a big shock to be diagnosed.

“I just knew about the tragedies, unfortunately, with celebrity stories and the stereotypical symptoms of headaches, seizures and nausea, which I didn’t have.

“I’m very grateful I went to get checked out something that wasn’t normal for me. We should all do that.”

Help and Support

Sophie is currently undergoing chemo and radiotherapy treatment, which is progressing well.  In the whirlwind weeks after diagnosis, she found The Brain Tumour Charity’s information and support services a huge help.

I have already been supported by the Brain Tumour Charity so much. I’ve shared their symptom checker with loved ones, personally called the helplines, and cheered on the world-leading research that benefits everyone.  The symptom checker has been especially useful to inform family and friends, plus all the articles that put news into context.”

A woman with a brain tumour sits on some wood logs in a field

Becoming “Brainbabe”!

Inspired by the support she received, and also by the example of former Young Ambassador Laura Nuttall, who did her utmost to raise awareness about brain tumours,  Sophie decided to fundraise to help others in her position.  Encouraging colleagues, friends and family to take on creative, baking, or fitness challenges, she set an ambitious target to raise £10,000.  And at the same time, “Brainbabe” was born!

“It helped me to create a persona, as a focus for the fundraising, and to raise awareness, too.  I was inspired by Dame Deborah James, and checked with the team behind her Bowelbabe Fund that it was ok for me to call myself “Brainbabe”.  They said yes!”

Becoming “Brainbabe” has had impressive results.  Her entire community has rallied round. In just a few short weeks, by taking part in activities as varied as runs, bake sales, or fundraising days at work, the team are now closing in on their £10,000 target – and Brainbabe can’t thank them enough.

“Seeing everyone get stuck into fundraising has been so inspiring, it’s kept me positive. I am blown away by the response from the local community, work network, and the international reach of the fundraising. 

Just a few days ago, my workplace managed to raise a huge amount with a raffle, a bottle stall, chess challenge and a bake sale. 

Fundraising continues at my friend’s wedding next week, plus more bake sales!
“It’s important to me to see us reach the target as I know this will help deliver services that I’ve directly benefited from as a patient, such as the support lines.

Sophie, known as Brainbabe, shows the back of her The Brain Tumour Charity t-shirt as she stands in a forest

Still to Come for Brainbabe

And when the target is reached?  Don’t expect “Brainbabe” to fade into the background!

“It’s so important to use my voice and experience, because this is something so rare and frightening for all around me.

“I believe cures and care should be accessible to all, whenever they need them and The Brain Tumour Charity have a plan to get us there in the most efficient way!”

You can become a fundraiser too!

If you are inspired by Brainbabe’s story, there are lots of ways you can get involved. Find out more about how you can organise your own charity fundraiser, and raise funds to move us all further, faster towards a cure.