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Extreme Fundraising for a cure

Have you ever thought about taking on an extreme fundraising challenge but was never sure where to start? Take inspiration from some of our incredible community who have gone to the extreme when it comes to accelerating a cure for brain tumours.

Danni completing her skydive as part of her extreme fundraising trio challenge

Whether you have your own extreme fundraising idea, or want to sign up to one of our challenge events, there is something for everyone to get stuck in.

Danni’s Trio Challenge

This year Danni has challenged herself to jump, run and climb towards a cure for brain tumours.
Danni stands in her The Brain Tumour Charity hoodie with her dad who she is completing her extreme fundraising challenge for
Danni in her charity hoodie with her dad who she is completing her extreme fundraising challenge for

My name is Danni, I am a mum of two young boys, and work in the NHS as a midwife.

2023 is the year I committed myself to raise as much money and awareness for The Brain Tumour Charity. 

May 2022 was a month that changed mine and my families lives. My Dad was diagnosed very unexpectedly with a glioblastoma. After suffering from unusual symptoms that were overlooked for a while he was eventually rushed to hospital for what we thought at the time was a stroke. We were shocked with his diagnosis.

He was given a prognosis of 18 months with treatment. He has had an operation to remove the tumour, radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

We recently received results from an MRI-scan which shows no tumour growth which is the best news. My Dad has 3 months of no treatment to enjoy a little normality and hopefully some sunny days.

As a family we are strong, we have faith and will do everything in our power to fight towards finding a cure for this devastating disease.

So, this year I will complete a trio of challenges, things that will push me to my limits and completely out of my comfort zone.

Challenge 1-JUMP 

SKYDIVE- completed March 2023

The first £500 raised I completed a skydive. Everyone that knows me will know my biggest phobia is heights! Even walking over a bridge scares me! So this was a huge shock to many of my friends and family. Incredible, surreal, amazing experience.

Challenge 2- CLIMB

BEN NEVIS- completed May 2023

When we reached £700 I travelled to Scotland to climb the biggest mountain in the UK, Ben Nevis. When we reached the summit the mist lifted and the views were incredible. For someone terrified of heights my legs were like jelly, and not just because of the climb. Being surrounded by cliff edges and sheer drops was terrifying.

When we reached the bottom we celebrated with the most amazing ice cream and spent some time letting what we had just achieved sink in. Never did I imagine that I’d complete this challenge in such amazing timing of 4 hours and 32 minutes. I managed this because every step of the way I knew I was raising awareness and fundraising for the most important cause. The power of love is enough to motivate you through anything.

Challenge 3- RUN

GREAT SOUTH RUN- October 2023

If we raise over £1000 I will complete The Great South Run, a 10 mile run in Portsmouth.

I’ll be honest I am not a born runner. But, I will keep you updated of how my training is going on my social media and Strava accounts.  I have so far raised £2500 not including gift aid and I am continuing to raise money until my final challenge!

Scott and friends’ 4 x 4 x 48 run

Five friends from Liverpool were inspired by the David Goggin’s Challenge for their extreme fundraising idea. Scott, Dave, Ben, Matty and Paul ran 4 miles every 4 hours for 48 hours straight. The men were determined to raise vital funds to accelerate a cure for brain tumours.

“The battle we’ll be going through in this challenge is nothing compared to the battle people have that are affect by brain tumours”

David Wilson

This physically and mentally tough challenge put the group to the test. With the help and support from friends and family along the way, they pushed through the grueling nights. Overall the team have over £6,300! What an incredible extreme fundraising idea!

Eva’s extreme fundraiser

A person doing extreme fundraising by abseiling down the Spinnaker Tower

I was personally affected by a grade one astrocytoma when I was five years old. I became a Young Ambassador for The Charity in 2017 as I wanted to help others affected by them. My brain tumour was completely removed over two operations in September 2001, although I now have a condition called Ataxia from it. Thankfully it has improved over time though!

Since the end of my Young Ambassador program in 2019 I have continued to raise awareness of brain tumours through volunteering. I compete in national pageants and focus my platform around brain tumour awareness and supporting children with brain tumours through various projects.

In June 2021 I completed an abseil down the Spinnaker Tower to fundraise for The Charity. This year I am back for more and am doing another abseil on Friday 30th June. This time it will be down the 374ft Arcelor Mittal Tower in Stratford, London, the biggest sculpture in the UK! I have decided to take on this extreme fundraising idea in June to mark two years since my highest abseil! to date.

Simon’s Marathon Des Sables

Marked the toughest marathon in the world, the Marathon Des Sables is one of the most extreme fundraising ideas there is! Participants must cover 251km on foot through the desert in six days whilst carrying all of their own kit. Temperatures can soar up to 60 degrees and on average 30% of participants don’t make it to the finish line.

Simon, husband and dad of two (plus one cocker spaniel), took on this incredible challenge in memory of his mother-in-law Diana.

Simon doing extreme fundraising at the start of the Marathon Des Sables
A man shows The Brain Tumour Charity logo on his top before embarking on the Marathon Des Sables
Simon stands on some desert rocks during the Marathon Des Sables

This is what his daughter Emily had to say about her dad’s extreme fundraising idea:

Simon took on an extreme Sahara based adventure known as the Marathon des Sables, in memory of his mother-in-law, Diana Brown.

Split into five stages, each stage maps over a different distance – the longest stage being 91km through the night. If the temperatures weren’t extreme enough, there were also thermal sandstorms which disrupted the camp structures/tents and the possibility of bumping into wild dogs or venomous snakes!

We (his family and friends) could track his progress via a GPS tracker all week and got to see him on live finish line cam videos following each stage of the race, otherwise he had no contact with the outside world.

As the withdrawal rates increased, we watched Simon excel and climb the ranks! Knowing how tough the race is, watching the temperatures soar and the withdrawals list grow on a daily basis made for emotional moments watching Simon’s finish line videos. We are so proud of him for all that he has achieved and for gifting us all such an exciting and joyful experience as spectators. The love and support received on his Just Giving donations page was phenomenal! And such a great effort to fundraise for a such wonderful charity.

30% of the 1085 starters dropped out – it is known as the toughest foot race on earth. Somehow Simon achieved it.

Complete your own extreme fundraising idea

If you’re inspired by these incredible people, let us know your extreme fundraising idea by emailing communityfundraising@thebraintumourcharity.org! Our passionate community fundraising team are on hand to help you every step of the way as you complete your challenge an fundraise for a cure.

Or, if you don’t know what you want to do then take a look at our challenge events! There’s something for everybody with our organised events, from sponsored walks to crazy cycles you can focus on preparing yourself for the big day (or week!)