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Fantastic Father’s Day Charity Gifts!

Do you want to give your dad or father figure a gift that means that much more this year? Then check out these brilliant charity gifts for Father’s Day!

Father's Day charity gifts banner showing a travel mug, a notebook, and cufflinks

Treat your dad and do some good with these Father’s Day charity gifts

Does your dad, or your father figure, always say things like, “I really don’t want any gifts this year, I have everything I need.” We know the feeling, and we’re here to help. We have a way to show how much you care and make him feel super special on his day. You just need our Father’s Day charity gifts!

Since the toiletries are piling up in the bathroom cabinet, give a gift that does some good. This year you can give him the feeling of doing something great for people affected by brain tumours AND give him something to unwrap at the same time. Just give him one of these dad-tastic gifts!

A set of The Brain Tumour Charity cufflinks in a gift box - great Father's Day charity gifts


Ah, cufflinks, the classic dad gift. But, being branded with our signature exclamation mark, these ones really make a statement… and make a difference!

These cufflinks are plated with shiny nickel and come in a stylish presentation box, ready to wrap up.

A metal ballpoint pen with the term Better Safe Than Tumour printed on it

Metal Ball Pen

We don’t want to generalise, but dads love a good pen. They’re great for writing down all those important notes that get lost in the house and for waving around when they’re making an emphatic point. And, with its stainless steel design, this one will look great on his desk, stuck on his notebook, or in his shirt pocket.

A black A5 notebook with a colourful artistic impression of a brain printed on the front cover - these are great as Father's Day charity gifts

Art Print Notebook

What’s that, your dad doesn’t have a notebook to go with his pen? No problem, we’ve got a brilliant one right here.

This A5 notebook is printed with a work of art that featured in our TIME art exhibition earlier this year. In side it, there are 96 sheets of lined paper – perfect for writing lists, thoughts, or pieces of knowledge that he impart next time you’re having dinner together.

A black insulated travel mug featuring the term Better Safe Than Tumour

Insulated Travel Mug

Does your dad love a cuppa on the go? Then this insulated travel mug is a brilliant idea. It has handy capacity of 400 ml and an open-shut lid, making it great for taking in the car, on the bus or train, or even ‘round the golf course. And, it’s BPA free and great-looking!

A tote bag featuring a bright art print

Art Print Tote Bag

If you see your dad as a bit of a superhero, this is a great gift. It’ll help him do his part in saving the planet – because, no plastic. It’ll also help him change the lives of people affected by brain tumours. Plus, with its art print, it just looks really cool!

A metal keyring featuring The Brain Tumour Charity logo


Does your dad forget where he put his keys more often than he forgets to punchline to his latest stellar dad joke? Well, you can make them easier to spot with this amazingly eye-catching keyring!

This metal keyring is die-stamped with The Brain Tumour Charity logo and comes attached to a bold backing card.

A cord bracelet with a metal pendant featuring the word Strong - these make excellent Father's Day charity gifts

Cord Bracelet

Engraved with the words ‘STRONG’ and ‘BRAVE’, these cord bracelets are brilliant ways to show your dad exactly how you see him. They’re plated with shiny nickel and have cords for tying around your dad’s wrist.

Donate for your dad this Father’s Day

Do you know what would make these gifts even more special? If they represented a donation in your dad’s name!

If you’d like give to our charity on his behalf this Father’s Day, you can click through to our donation page below: