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Our Snapchat symptom campaign success continues

Half way through the month-long campaign, the numbers reached continue to stack up.

The campaign’s aim is to reach out to the 75% of teenagers that use the Snapchat App, highlighting brain tumour symptoms and driving awareness of HeadSmart.

Using exclusively commissioned filters from top UK graphic designers and funny ‘fail’ videos, the campaign so far has been a huge success.

The filters themselves have been shared over 19,000 times and the story ads, the fail videos that lead users to our landing page with symptom information and support, have been opened over 250,000 times.

This has driven over 4,000 users to our landing page, a vital resource for more information.

Jon Linscott, Client Partnership Director CDM London, said: ”CDM London has been a determined partner to The Brain Tumour Charity for over a year now, but so far our efforts have been focused on fundraising.

“Hearing that brain tumours are the most common cause of cancer death among children and young people, we knew we had to support The Charity’s HeadSmart campaign to help create awareness amongst young people of when they should get checked out.

“We’re committed to developing life changing creative campaigns and hope that this imaginative SnapChat initative, where we’ve linked up with a some of the most talented designers in the UK, will really help young people to better recognise the signs of a brain tumour and encourage them to see a GP if they are experiencing any of the symptoms persistently.”

Amie, one of our 23 Young Ambassadors said: “I really like the Shotopop and Andrew Rae filters [pictured]. I’d definitely use them on my Snapchat- I’d probably post on my story summarising the signs and symptoms of brain tumours so my friends and family can see in a simple way, on a form of media not expected to give such informative facts.

In the last eight years, our HeadSmart campaign, that we lead and fund, has reduced the diagnosis times of brain tumours in children and young adults from over 9 weeks to 6.5. Our aim is to reduce this further.

We will continue to campaign for more awareness and are determined to bring these times down even further. We’ll update our community about the Snapchat campaign success in mid-October.