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Italian court rules that mobile phones cause brain tumours

Yesterday an Italian court upheld a ruling that prolonged use of mobile phones caused a man’s brain tumour despite worldwide research finding no link.

The case first came to light back in 2017 when Roberto Romeo, who worked for Telecom Italia, claimed his benign brain tumour was caused by excessive use of his mobile phone during his work, often up to four or five hours each day.

Yesterday’s ruling immediately drew criticism from Italy’s own Higher Health Institute.

We know that many people are concerned about a possible connection between mobile phone use and the development of brain tumours.

However, the global research projects that have been conducted so far, involving hundreds of thousands of people, have found insufficient evidence to conclude that using a mobile phone increases the risk of developing a brain tumour.

Of course, it is right that researchers continue to explore whether any such link exists but the decision of the Italian court yesterday does not change the evidence upheld by World Health Organization that no such link has yet been found.

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