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Development of a new blood test for GPs to accelerate early diagnosis.

An affordable, point of care blood test to diagnose brain tumours was announced today by The University of Bristol.

The cross-disciplinary project brings together medical practitioners, along with experts in population health, nanoparticle engineering and detection, as well as computational modelling.

The four-year project, funded by Cancer Research UK, will begin in April and will explore the use of nanoparticles and biomarkers in blood samples.

Head of the research centre at the University of Bristol, said: “A simple blood test carried out by GPs would help decision-making and early diagnosis.

“This would revolutionise care by speeding up diagnosis, reducing costs to the NHS, anxiety of unnecessary scans and reducing the number of patients presenting with inoperable large brain tumours.

“Additionally, this test could be used as an early monitor of brain tumour recurrence. Our work will be followed by a multicentre cohort biomarker study to determine the effectiveness of the test in a real-world setting.”

We know that early diagnosis can vastly improve the outcomes of a diagnosis and improve quality of life after treatment, as evidenced by the continuing success of our HeadSmart early diagnosis campaign.

This research project into a potential ground-breaking blood test is hugely positive news for all our community.

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