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Broadcaster and presenter Nicki Chapman becomes one of our High Profile Supporters

The much-loved presenter, diagnosed in May this year, backs our awareness and campaigning work

Nicki’s career has spanned the music entertainment industry for years, including her roles as a judge on Pop Idol and Popstars and as a music PR and agent.

She has carved out a hugely successful career recently as presenter on I Escaped to the Country, Escape to the Continent as well as The RHS Chelsea Flower Show. She also currently deputy hosts Zoe Ball’s Radio 2 breakfast show.

Nicki had a meningioma brain tumour diagnosis in May and had subsequent surgery to remove it. She continues to support the work we do, raising awareness and campaigning for change for everyone affected.

“It’s the initial shock of diagnosis and then the shock when you tell people that can be more distressing. It’s like a slap. When you have to ring people up and tell them, your family, it’s just hideous.

“If you’re having bad days let yourself have bad days. It’s like giving yourself permission, don’t fight against yourself. You say to yourself: ‘tomorrow, it’s still going to be a bad day and I’ve still got this condition but I’m going to find one thing in that day that is good.’”

“I want to do whatever I can do to help raise awareness and help others understand that they’re not alone in this.”

Nicki will be featuring in The Grey Matters and working with us on our 2020 awareness and fundraising campaigns.

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