Animations explaining brain tumours

We have a range of animations that explore and explain a variety of subjects relating to brain tumour patients. The animations were originally designed for children, but we have found that people of all ages find it informative to watch them, as it helps them understand what is happening.

Meet Jake, Charlie and Lily

Jake, Charlie and Lily help children understand their, or their parents or siblings, brain tumour diagnosis. The animations cover a range of topics that they may have questions about including scans, steroids, radiotherapy, chemotherapy and neurosurgery.

In a really difficult time of uncertainty Jake is someone children can relate to. He has a reassuring way of getting across some scary subjects and helps take some of the fear away. Jake helps to normalise things and brings comfort. The animation also makes you, as a parent, feel like you are not alone.

Parent who has lost their child to a brain tumour

Animations with subtitles

Our Jake animations are also available to view with subtitles.

Information you can trust

These animations were produced under the guidelines of NHS England's Information Standard. This means the information is of a high quality.

All animations are Version 1.0 and were produced in October 2014. The next review is due in 2017.

Thank you

We would like to thank Emma Miller, script writer and production advisor, and Will Miller, animation advisor, for helping to develop Jake. Emma says:

"Since losing my father, Martin, to a glioblastoma grade four we have wanted to help The Brain Tumour Charity. Utilising our knowledge in children's animation and writing seemed the perfect way to do this. We feel very honoured to have the opportunity to be involved with Jake."

Thank you to Andy Williams whose animation skills have brought Jake to the team.

Jake is © The Brain Tumour Charity 2015.

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