Have you been diagnosed with a brain tumour? Order your free information pack.

Whether it’s Monopoly, Twister or card games, ask for donations for entry and encourage some friendly competition. You could play as individuals or in teams and battle it out to become the ultimate champion!

If you prefer video games why not set up a challenge either by yourself or with friends? You could ask people to sponsor you to play for a certain time or ask your friends to donate to enter a competition. Take a look at our Game Over for Brain Tumours challenge for more ideas!

Gamers, unite!

With you on our team, we know we can be the generation to defeat brain tumours. Join our gaming challenge today and stand with us as we power up to take brain tumours down!

However you choose to take part, you can make a difference to those affected by a brain tumour by raising vital funds and awareness.

It’s really easy and simple to set up. I managed to raise £600 by doing something I enjoy. To anyone who’s stuck for an idea to raise money for charity, this is definitely one of the best ways to get yourself started!

Gareth, who raised funds for us through gaming