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BRIAN Patient Information Sheets

What is the patient information sheet?

The patient information sheet supports the consent process for BRIAN, our database and web app. It has been created to help you understand what you are giving us permission to do, and to ensure that you have been adequately informed about what BRIAN is and what it does.

Specifically, the leaflet explains what information is being collected, how it is being stored and used, and the benefits of collecting, storing and sharing this information ethically and responsibly.

Why do I need to read it?

Before signing the consent form, you need to be fully aware of everything that could happen to your information so that you can make an appropriate decision that is right for you.

Adults with a brain tumour

A child with a brain tumour

Lasting (or Enduring) Power of Attorney

What you'll need to sign up to BRIAN

Aside from your name, these are the details we need to request your data.

  • Your NHS number*
    Your NHS number will be at top of any letter from your GP or hospital. It has 10 digits in a xxx xxx xxxx format. If you can't find it then please call your GP as it's not available online.
  • Date of birth
  • Email address
  • Telephone number

*If you are a parent, please have the NHS number and date of birth of the person with a brain tumour ready when completing the sign up form.