Improving Brain Tumour Care surveys share your experiences and help create change

Healthcare professionals

We know that our community greatly values the dedication and hard work of the healthcare professionals involved in their care. We recognise that with ever greater restrictions on resources, the job of caring for those affected by a brain tumour is becoming harder and harder.

Explore our wide range of resources for nurses and allied health professionals, including learning and CPD materials, detailed information about brain tumour types and the support services The Brain Tumour Charity provides.

Did you know we offer funding for scientific conferences and workshops that will inspire innovative brain tumour research?

The scheme is designed to drive progress in the field and bring us closer to understanding brain tumours and achieving our strategic goals.

Person reading The Brain Tumour Charity Information Pack, which is full of useful information to help you cope after a brain tumour diagnosis.

Order materials

We offer a range of materials to support people affected by a brain tumour.

A group of young adults enjoy lunch together at one of The Brain Tumour Charity's Young Adult Meet Ups for people aged 16-30 who are affected by a brain tumour diagnosis.

Practical help

Discover the help we offer, from support with accessing benefits to advice on driving.

A member of our Support & Information Team provides support over the phone to somebody affected by a brain tumour diagnosis

Emotional support

Learn more about phone, face-to-face and online support groups, and the other support we provide.

Jake animation explaining chemotherapy

Animations for Children

Our animations can help to explain brain tumours and treatments.

Our research strategy

Read our research strategy, outlining the key areas of focus for our research.