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Acc-scare-lerate a cure for brain tumours with Game 34!

Take on a spooky Game 34 challenge between 27 October and 3 November to help people affected by a brain tumour live longer, better lives.

A banner promoting our Game 34 fundraising campaign to raise money to accelerate a cure.

Finding out that you only have 18 months to live – likely less than that – sounds like the beginning of a horror story. But it’s the reality that many people diagnosed with a brain tumour face.  

This Halloween we’re calling on you to face your fears and give hope to the 34 people diagnosed with a brain tumour in the UK every day.  

Take on a Halloween-themed Game 34 challenge between 27 October and 3 November and help us acc-scare-lerate a cure for brain tumours by raising funds for pioneering research projects and life-changing support services. 

What is Game 34? 

Game 34 is our gaming fundraising campaign that’s perfect for everyone – from S-tier gamers and superstar streamers to casual gamers and anybody just starting their gaming journey.

How do I take part and become a fang-tastic fundraiser?

Fill in our Game 34 form

This means we can get in touch and send you everything you need to become a spook-tacular fundraiser.

Set up a fundraising page

Collecting donations online has never been easier and it’s no different when it comes to Game 34. If you’re streaming as part of your challenge, we recommend using Tiltify. However, JustGiving is a great option is you’re not looking to stream your challenge

Power up between 27 October and 3 November

Get gaming between 27 October and 3 November to help us raise funds for pioneering research projects and life-changing support services. 

Witch games could I play this Halloween? 


Fortnite is one of the most-popular games ever and is consistently among the most-watched games on streaming platforms. It’s free-to-play and available on most gaming devices. Plus, the annual Fortnitemares event will back for Halloween 2023 – making it the perfect game for this challenge. 

Five Night’s at Freddy’s 

The Five Night’s at Freddy’s series spans nine games and is a favourite for family-friendly streamers as it relies heavily on jump scares but isn’t overly violent or gory. It’s available on all gaming devices and is a will popular this Halloween as the feature-length Five Nights at Freddy’s film hits cinemas in October.  


Phasmophobia is a very spooky game that’s really popular on Twitch due to its multiplayer functionality. You and up to three other players search haunted locations for evidence of ghosts and streaming audiences love watching how quickly people abandon their friends in terror!  

Luigi’s Mansion 3 

Mario’s younger brother takes centre-stage in this slapstick adventure for the Nintendo Switch that sees you vacuuming up colourful, cartoony ghosts. It only takes about 13 hours to complete, so it’s a great light-hearted Halloween game that can be finished as part of a marathon gaming challenge.  


Minecraft is the best-selling game in history and still extremely popular with streamers. The annual Minecraft Spookyfest is a great reason to dive into this game for your Halloween Game 34 challenge. 

Tips for boooooo-sting your fundraising 

Stream if you wanna go faster (towards a cure)  

Live streaming your Game 34 challenge is a great way to raise funds while showing off your skills and doing something you enjoy. Interacting with people who donate in real-time can be super rewarding and help boost your fundraising. 

Play trick-or-treat with donors 

Whether you’re live streaming your challenge or not, donors love the opportunity to get involved with a gaming challenge. Why not come up with a list of tricks (anything that makes your challenge harder or scarier) and treats (anything that makes your challenge easier or less scary), then let people pick from those lists when they donate? 

Don’t forget your Halloween costume  

What Halloween challenge would be complete without a costume? Give people the opportunity to choose different elements of your costume when they donate and see what Frankenstein’s monster of a costume they create! 

Team up with other brave guys and ghouls 

Teaming up with friends, family or colleagues is a great way to make your Game 34 challenge bigger. Not only are you able to spread your fundraising further but you can split up a longer or larger challenge between you.  

Join us on Discord

Don’t be scared to join us on Discord – we promise we don’t bite. Our official The Brain Tumour Charity Discord server is the best place to get advice, inspiration and support from other gamers who are committed to acc-scare-lerating a cure for brain tumours.