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Grab this gear for Snowdon by Night 2023!

Are you doing our Snowdon by Night challenge this year? Here’s some got-to-have gear that you don’t want to set off without!

Snowdon by Night gear - a snood, a beanie, and a folding water bottle

Amazing merchandise for Snowdon by Night

So, you’ve signed up to Snowdon by Night. Or, you’re at least very tempted.

Well, Snowdon might not be Everest, but it is still a challenge that you shouldn’t underestimate. So, we have some gear suggestions here for you that will hopefully help to get you to the summit.

We might not have any alpacas, but we’re going to guide you through this exciting discovery. Ready? OK, off we go!

The Brain Tumour Charity branded sports bottle - a must have piece of gear for Snowdon by Night

Branded Sports Bottle

If you want to say hi to the summit, you’ve got to hydrate! Seriously, climbing 1085 metres will leave you parched, so make sure you’ve got 750 ml of thirst-quenching liquid in your handy, branded sports bottle, complete with a fold-away straw.

A red beanie embroidered with The Brain Tumour Charity logo

Embroidered Beanie

Sure, Snowdon by Night takes place on the 17th of June. So, summer. But, the top of the highest peak in Wales isn’t quite the same as a sunny beach. Even though it’s summer, the peak can get quite cold, especially with the wind chill. So, it’s important to have a warm hat with you!

A black travel mug featuring the words Better Safe Than Tumour - this is great for staying warm during Snowdon by Night

Insulated Travel Mug

Fancy a nice warm drink before setting off (or maybe to sip along the way)? In that case, this travel mug is great. Being insulated, it’ll keep your drink warm for longer. And, it has an open-shut lid that’ll keep it from splashing if your walking gets a bit bumpy.

A red snood with The Brain Tumour Charity logo printed on it


On Snowdon, wind + dust + sweat = the need for a snood!

This handy piece of clothing can be worn as a face mask, a headband, a bandana, a hairband, or even a wrist sweatband. It’s made from highly breathable material and is nice and bright with The Brain Tumour Charity branding. This one’s highly recommended for Snowdon.

A red folding bottle with a carabiner clip on it - great climbing gear for Snowdon by Night

Folding Bottle

If you’re aiming to travel light and compact up Snowdon, with as little in your backpack as possible, this folding bottle is for you.

Unlike a hard plastic bottle, this bottle is soft. So, when you’re done, just fold it up and stick it in your pack or pocket. It holds 400 ml and even has a carabiner to make it easy to clip onto straps or handles.

A red t-shirt featuring the logo for The Brain Tumour Charity

The Brain Tumour Charity T-shirt

You might be layering up to get to the summit. But, if you want a brilliant base layer (that you can flash in a few pictures), this charity t-shirt is a great way to go.

It’s made of comfy cotton with The Brain Tumour Charity branding on the front. And, it’s available in multiple sizes, so you’re sure to find the perfect fit.

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