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Grab those controllers, it’s Game Over for Brain Tumours

Today we launch our virtual gaming fundraising campaign

Gamers, unite! With you on our team, we know we can be the generation to defeat brain tumours – so stand with us as we power up to take brain tumours down. With your help, we know it’ll be game over for brain tumours faster.

If you’ve honed your skills during lockdown, now’s the time to put them to the test and raise vital funds by taking on a gaming challenge for us.

Join our mission

Gareth Davies (@_Warder0), said: “Recently I’ve completed a 48 hour gaming stream for The Brain Tumour Charity. I’ve seen a few people do 24 hour streaming for charities before, and wanted to go a bit further.

“While it looks like a long period of time, it passes quickly as soon as you get yourself immersed into a story or if you’re getting into a multiplayer game!

“My partner lost her sister, Sarah, to a brain tumour at a young age, leaving her four kids and partner. I never got the honour of meeting her, I was always told about how much of a kind and caring person she was.

“A cure wasn’t available for Sarah, I hope I was able to get that bit closer to ensure another family isn’t put through the same heartbreak and destruction as Sarah’s did.

“It is really easy and simple to set up, I managed to raise £600 by doing something I enjoy. To anyone who is stuck for an idea to raise money for charity, this is definitely one of the best ways to get yourself started! Doing something as simple as this can be hugely rewarding.”

There are loads of ways to kick-start your fundraising through gaming. Here are just a few ideas…

  • Take on your mates in a tournament – Seek sponsorship, ask for donations to enter, or even charge players or viewers to pick characters, maps and more.
  • Make it a marathon session – Challenge yourself to go further, faster to beat brain tumours. Raise funds while playing non-stop for a cure!
  • Stream your skills – Livestream your gaming marathon or tackle tricky levels and speedruns. You could even charge your viewers to pick your next challenge…

Power up to take brain tumours down!

Whether you go it alone, or team up with friends, your skills can help us unlock new and better treatments and improve quality of life for people affected by brain tumours.

Your real–life loot boxes will make a difference:

  • £100 could ensure 100 families are made aware of the symptoms of a brain tumour in children and teens
  • £250 could cover a day of vital research for one of our leading researchers, to provide more targeted treatments
  • £500 could help pay for a researcher to analyse tumour samples of people involved in a clinical trial
  • £1,250 could pay to help analyse which genes are active in a person’s brain tumour, through methylation analysis.

There’s a whole host of downloadable resources, including our Fundraising Guide, streaming resources and social media graphics so fire up the console, log into our ideas and join our mission!

Join our mission