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Scotland sees installation of cutting-edge MRI technology

The new Seimens Magnetom Terra 7 Tesla MRI machine is being installed in Glasgow in March 2017.

The new Seimens Magnetom Terra 7 Tesla MRI machine will be the first in Scotland and one of the only 7T scanners on a clinical site in the world.

The 7 Tesla MRI is the world’s first ultra-high field research systems, able to translate imaging results into more informative, accurate and precise clinical applications. It will be a huge step forward in the imaging of brain tumours.

Components are set to be delivered next month for an operational date of March at Glasgow’s new £16 million Imaging Centre of Excellence (ICE), due to open in January 2017 at Queen Elizabeth University Hospital.

What does it actually mean?

Erica Moyes, Research Engagement Manager at The Charity, explains why this is so significant.

Dr. Bernd Ohnesorge from Siemens said, “Based on our long-standing experience and the largest innovation network in human ultra-high field MRI, we are committed to further grow the footprint of 7 Tesla MRI in research and clinical application.

I am confident that our Magnetom Terra will help explore new territories in MRI research and at the same time it’s the world’s first 7 Tesla scanner designed for clinical use.

The announcement was made at the SANON-SINAPSE conference, held on 29 Sept in Dundee. We funded this year’s conference which brought together world-leading neuro-oncologists and imaging specialists to promote collaborative, clinically relevant imaging research in neuro-oncology.

We were joined at the conference by Prof Christopher Hess from the University of California, San Francisco.