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Life in the Lab – Amie’s research experience

Earlier this summer year twelve students Amie, Aaron and Jemima spent some time learning about brain tumour research with Dr David Michod. Amie wrote about her experience:

I’ve always been interested in investigating cancer cures, particularly as I lost my Granddad to a grade four glioblastoma multiforme. I applied because of my specific interest on brain tumours, and thought that it would be great hands-on experience, and it was.

Dr David Michod talked through everything with us so we could understand how each experiment works. We did so many more experiments than I thought we would!

My favourite was showing cells expressing genes. We grew our own bacteria and then inserted a plasmid which contained a protein, DAXX, which has been linked with brain tumours. The plasmid also contained a gene which would make the cell glow either green or red under a microscope if DAXX is present.

It’s given me an amazing insight into brain tumour research, and had helped me solidify what I want to study. As we helped prepare solutions that will be used in the future, I felt like I helped make a difference.

If you have a specific interest in brain tumours like I do, you should apply. It helped me make a decision into what I aim to do in future life; I was quite lost before but, when I started the lab work, I absolutely loved it. I am so grateful to have had this amazing opportunity.

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“…this is probably one of the most exciting jobs. You are getting paid to think logically and innovate to make a difference for people.”