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Top tips from top fundraisers

If you want to get off the fundraising start line, boost your total higher, or push yourself to raise even more for a cure then our dedicated community are here to help.

Some of our top fundraisers from The Twilight Walk 2018 – Susan, Elaine and Win – are sharing some simple ideas to get you steaming ahead with your fundraising, whether you’re joining one of our charity-led walks or holding your own.

Susan’s top tips

Susan organised her own walk for The Christine O’Carroll Research Fund, in memory of her cousin. Her walk was a huge success and raised nearly £13,000!

Accept help

“My biggest tip of all is to take any help that’s offered to you, no matter how big or small. Many hands make light work after all!”

– Susan

Don’t sweat the small stuff

Susan said, “Most people are happy to attend to raise awareness and funds for The Brain Tumour Charity, they aren’t expecting the weather to be perfect, a goody bag at the end or free tea and coffee, entertainment, etc. Just keep focused on the end goals: starting conversations, and raising awareness and funds for The Brain Tumour Charity.”

Elaine’s top tips

Elaine is a manager at Sing in the City, where the whole team decided to take on The Twilight Walk Edinburgh together, and raised over £8,800!

Elaine said, “We asked all of our choir members to join our team. By fundraising together, it meant that we could pool all our fundraising amounts so that those who were unable to meet the target total would be boosted by those who would manage the target and more – it was a proper team event.

“We had one fundraising link that we posted on our choir members’ page and that our team members could send to their families, so that people were only being asked to sponsor a team instead of being asked by several different members for personal sponsorship.

Do it as a team

“We always find that fundraising as a team is more fun and that we can boost each other along while taking part in the walk. Team work is the best advice we can give.”

– Elaine

Bake your way to success

Elaine said, “We also had a bake sale week at all of our choirs and any donations made for cake during our tea break were added to the Sing in the City team total.”

More fundraising tips

Win’s top tips

Win organised a large walk with lots of friends in his area who are all affected by brain tumours. The group raised vital awareness in their town of Upminster and, together, reached a fundraising total of over £7,000.

Get businesses involved

“Get local businesses to join the walk. We found, if you base it around a local pub, they may well get involved as it’s revenue and good publicity for them. We also got our local Waitrose involved – they supplied goody bags and some staff even joined us on the walk.”

– Win

Hold a raffle

Win said, “Local businesses also donated prizes to our raffle, which we held at the pub and helped us raise even more!”

Make it fun for all

Win said, “We did a circular walk, which was two laps of 5km – that way people could do one or two loops depending on how far they wanted to walk.”

How to make your money grow

This year, we’re asking every walker to raise £100 each, or more if you can. But remember, whatever your fundraising total, every penny helps us take the strides needed towards a cure, so however much you raise, you will help us find a cure faster!