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Why we’re investing in new brain tumour fund

“We will always do things differently if it’s the right thing for people affected by a brain tumour. That’s why we’re investing in The Brain Tumour Fund.” – Sarah Lindsell, CEO of The Brain Tumour Charity

Progress towards better treatments for brain tumours has been too slow for too long. We are absolutely determined to find new ways of speeding up progress towards a cure.

That’s why we have taken the groundbreaking decision to kickstart a multi-million pound global fund to invest in promising brain tumour treatments.

We will invest £10m in The Brain Tumour Fund, which is the first venture capital fund in the world to focus exclusively on finding new treatments for the disease.

The fund, which aims to attract a total of £40-60m from major financial investors, will be run and managed by international venture capital firm NeoMed Management.

It will invest in companies exploring products or technologies with the potential either to improve brain tumour survival or reduce the debilitating effects of the disease.

It will consider therapies that are either preclinical (at an early stage), clinical (going through clinical trials) or ready for commercial development.

Sarah Lindsell, chief executive of The Brain Tumour Charity, said, “Our decision to invest in The Brain Tumour Fund reflects our frustration at the longstanding lack of progress towards more effective treatments for the disease.

“Brain tumour patients have benefitted very little in the last 40 years from the significant scientific breakthroughs that have improved survival rates for many other forms of cancer. We believe The Brain Tumour Fund is an effective way to drive forward the development of new therapies by attracting major investors into the field of neuro-oncology research.

“As a charity, we pride ourselves on our pioneering approach so it was right for us to take the lead by pledging £10 million to the fund. We will always do things differently if it’s the right thing for people affected by a brain tumour. That’s why we’re investing in The Brain Tumour Fund.”

NeoMed Management will have access to expertise from our network of patients, clinicians and researchers. Our decision to invest £10 million in the fund has been welcomed by clinicians and patients.

Professor Keyoumars Ashkan, Professor of Neurosurgery, Kings College, London, said, “As a neurosurgeon, I am reminded on a daily basis of the need for a significant discovery in brain tumour treatment.

“The Brain Tumour Charity’s investment in this fund is an important move that I hope will stimulate further research into this cruel disease.”

Rebecca Reed, one of our Young Ambassadors, said, “I was 21 and a medical student when I was diagnosed with a brain tumour. Now, as a qualified doctor, I’m delighted to hear that The Brain Tumour Charity is doing everything in its power to challenge the status quo and invest in different types of research that may lead to a cure.”