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Grace’s vlog: documenting life with a brain tumour

Grace, 23, recently filmed her first video blog for us where she asked our community for any questions about diagnosis, symptoms and effects and life after surgery. Her honest and heartfelt answers are now documented in a video diary.

Grace has been a huge supporter of ours over the last few years championing our support services and the vital lifeline they provide for everyone going through similar experiences as hers.

Grace admits that detailing her life with a brain tumour in this way was not, and still is not, a comfortable thing to do at times.

“I have a Grade 1 pilocytic astrocytoma, lodged in the middle of my left temporal lobe, between my cerebellum and brain stem, within my optical tracts. It was discovered when I was 20 and in my third year of university.

“Apparently it had been growing for 10-15 years, it’s a pre-disposition thing (so was always going to happen to me, and is not genetic) and has a silly cyst attached that likes to inflate and mess with my body…it’s a bit of a pain!

“I’ve had to have two operations since 2014, and this time last year I’d just finished a six-week course of very specific radiotherapy.

“You would think I’d be used to and comfortable with telling people. But I’m not. I sometimes hate telling people, actually.

“Breaking bad news to and bringing up a tidal wave of sympathy from others is not my favourite thing to do. But there are times when it needs to be said.”

We are immensely grateful to Grace for documenting everyday situations and interacting with you, our community to gain insights into your concerns. We sincerely hope that if offers support and help to others.

“I really hope this little Q&A vlog I’ve recorded will inspire others,” says Grace.
“I want it to answer questions maybe some have been afraid to ask or simply hadn’t thought of, and encourage positivity even when times are tough.

“Because you must never give up!”

Grace will be vlogging for us regularly to offer support and awareness of life with a brain tumour.