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What’s next for our No Brainer campaign? 

Our open letter to the Government calling for a National Brain Tumour Strategy has been a huge success – but we’re not slowing down yet!

34 people holding framed photos of loved ones - some lost to a brain tumour - are standing in front of Big Ben
Campaign launch in Parliament Square, London

To kick off Brain Tumour Awareness Month 2024, we launched our No Brainer campaign. The goal of the campaign was to encourage people to sign our open letter to the Government calling for the development of a National Brain Tumour Strategy.   

In less than six weeks, more than 50,000 of you agreed that a dedicated National Brain Tumour Strategy was a clear path to saving lives and reducing suffering. In short, more than 50,000 people felt it was a No Brainer!  

We want to thank each and every person who supported the campaign. Whether you signed the letter, shared the campaign or joined us at an event, you helped make sure that the Government heard us loud and clear. Unfortunately, we can’t thank everyone personally here, but here’s just a few people we’d like to thank for their involvement. 

Ali and Helena Travis

Abi Hames

Amy Nuttall

Andy Tudor

Baljit Ahluqalia

Camilla Hawkins

Claire Howell

Deborah Mitchell (representing Tom’s Trust)

Dianne Parkes (representing Joss Searchlight)

Ella, Simon, Steph and Jason Cromack (representing Give Simon Time)

Gracie and Nicola Nuttall (representing the Be More Laura Foundation)

Hal Cruttenden

Hayley Conroy

Imelda Turnock

Dr Jessica Taylor

Kevin Igglesden, Giles Hilton and Jacqueline Bundey (representing Iggy’s Fund)

Professor Keyoumars Ashkan

Lewis Moody (representing The Lewis Moody Foundation)

Mark Smith

Mathew White

Matthew Wilson

Mel Kelly

Naomi Woodstock

Neil Dickson (representing The Samantha Dickson Fund)

Nicki Chapman

Niki O’Dea Patel (representing Shay’s Smiles)

Phil Martinez (representing OSCAR’S Paediatric Brain Tumour Charity)

Phillipa Anders

Richard Green (representing The William Low Trust)

Rhudi Baume-Kennedy

Richard Clemmow

Sigourney Bonner

What’s next for our No Brainer campaign? 

Yesterday, Parliament resumed at the end of its Easter break. We wanted to hand in the letter shortly after MPs returned and that’s why we’ve chosen Tuesday 23 April to hand our open letter in to the Government.  

We’ll be taking a small group of volunteers to hand in our open letter to each of the Parliaments across England and the devolved nations. This will help ensure we get each of the Health Ministers’ attention and highlight that we desperately need a solution that works for everybody affected by a brain tumour – no matter where they live in the UK.  

Once the letter is handed in, we look forward to receiving the Government’s response. Unfortunately, we can’t know for sure what the response will be.  

We hope that the incredible support we’ve had from the community and the politicians who’ve back our No Brainer campaign personally, will be reflected by the Government embracing the idea of a National Brain Tumour Strategy. 

However, we also know they might point to brain tumours being a key element of the Major Conditions Strategy that was announced last year to be replacing the 10 Year Cancer Plan. 

Whatever the Government’s response, we look forward to working with them to improve outcomes for everyone affected by a brain tumour – however we can. 

And, while we can’t say for sure what the future looks like, we can promise to keep you informed every step of the way.