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Author: Russ Peach

Hi, I’m Russ and I’m the SEO Copywriter here at The Brain Tumour Charity. I create fresh content and adapt existing content to make it more discoverable online. It’s my privilege to be involved in getting information out there as we accelerate towards a cure for brain tumours, a cause that’s close to my heart.
  • collection of running gear for the London marathon

    Running gear to get set for the London Marathon!

    Are you running the London Marathon, a different marathon, or running for fun? Whatever the case, our charity running gear will make sure you look great, stay comfy, and help out a fantastic cause!

  • Walking gear on a blue background for The Twilight Walk charity event in London on the 25th of March 2023

    This walking gear is perfect for The Twilight Walk!

    We look at some must-have walking gear that’ll help you on our flagship charity event, The Twilight Walk. And you’ll be helping a great cause by nabbing them!

  • Nurse sitting in hallway ahead of NHS strike 2023

    NHS strike 2023: Your questions answered

    Parts of the NHS will strike in 2023. And, if you have a brain tumour or need medical attention, we understand how this can be daunting. But, to try to put your mind at ease, we’ve answered some of the major questions about the NHS strike below.